Why Buy Solar?
Economic Benefits for You
  • Save on electricity costs
    You can cut or virtually eliminate your electric bill. With the excess solar power, you can actually run your electric meter backwards and save!

  • Increase the value of your home
    If you’re concerned that you won’t be in your home long enough to enjoy all the benefits of the solar system or long enough for the system to pay off, you should note that you could gain from increased home value as soon as your system is in. The Appraisal Institute has published articles showing a $10 to $20 increase in home value for every $1 in reduced utility costs.

  • Systems can pay for themselves and provide attractive returns with energy and tax savings
    With system financing, up front costs are minimized or eliminated and, frequently, the monthly loan payments are less than your energy and tax savings. The best part is when the loan is paid you continue to enjoy free electricity. Enjoy attractive returns on your investment.

  • Significant state rebates and federal tax credits
    Take advantage of various state/local incentives and Federal tax credits to help pay for your system - frequently 1/3 of your system cost or more.

Environmental Benefits for Your Community

  • Obtain energy from a clean, non-polluting, renewable, dependable source

    • A typical 5 KW system eliminates more than 6 tons of CO2 emissions annual. This is the same as planting more than 2.5 acres of trees or cutting your weekly gas consumption by 25 gallons.

  • Feel good about doing your part to save the planet

  • Be a role model for your community

Energy Independence

  • Freedom from increasing electricity rates

    • Rates have gone up an average of 5.5% annually over the past 20 years and have gone up
      15-20% for many utilities in the past couple of years. With solar you are insulated from expected rate increases.

  • Freedom from interrupted utility service (with battery back-up systems)

  • Freedom from foreign energy dependency

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